Nicholas Jay Salon & Spa Academy currently offers four programs of study: Cosmetology, Esthetics, Nail Technology and Instructor Training. At Nicholas Jay Salon & Spa Academy, we want to make sure you receive the most in-depth education available.

Our Cosmetology program offers education in hair, skin and nails. Our course is designed to give you an edge in the industry with our COS+ and NAIL+ programs. These + programs are multi-week long each, giving you the competitiveness to stand out.

The Nail Technology program at Nicholas Jay Salon & Spa Academy offers an education in Acrylic, Gels and Fiberglass nail enhancements and art, in addition to manicuring and pedicuring. We take our Nail Tech student to the next level by providing them with expansive knowledge in hand and foot massage techniques.

The Esthetics program offers education in all types of facials, back facials, microdermabrasion, high-frequency current technology, makeup, hair removal and advance training in skin care and chemical peels. Nicholas Jay Salon & Spa Academy uses top-of-the-line products in the Esthetics department, including PCA Skin Care and Jane Iredale.

Instructor courses: Are you a licensed beauty industry professional looking for a new outlet? Have you found yourself as the "go to" person when it comes to ideas and techniques? If so, you may be ready to expand your career and become a licensed instructor.

*Since 1990, The National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences (NACCAS) have commissioned several Job Demand Surveys, to provide quantitative data on cosmetology careers, earnings potential, and job openings. The most recent survey, completed in May 2007, compiles data from 6,203 salons in Idaho responding to a national survey.

Follow these steps and your career starts here:

Step 1: Contact us today to schedule your entrance interview and school tour.

Laurie Rowen
208-465-7660 ext. 104

Step 2: Make plans to cover the cost of your program (See Finance Tab). Contact our Director of Financial Aid to go over financial aid award, possible scholarships and other financial assistance needs.

Laurie Rowen
208-465-7660 ext.104

Step 3: Turn in the following items to the Admissions Department. Call 465-7660 or TEXT 899-5802:

-Application for Admission
-$100.00 Registration Fee

Essay describing why you chose the course you did, why it interests you, what your goals are and any other information you would like to share with the Nicholas Jay Salon & Spa Academy staff.

Required Documents:
Proof of Date of Birth (Driver License, Birth Certificate)
Proof of Education (GED or Diploma)
Any name change documents (marriage license and divorce decrees for each marriage / divorce)

Step 4: Receive acceptance letter in the mail with information for your orientation and confirm start date.

Be at least 16 ½ years of age
Have a high school diploma, or GED
Complete an interview & tour
Complete the application form & application essay
Pay the registration fee of $100